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"They don't care about your age, what your background is, what your religion is. I thought it was a bunch of Oprahs walking around."Although Michelle Phan, one of You Tube's top beauty personalities, recently broke out with her own makeup line with L'Oreal, Green is still perplexed by the lack of diversity among You Tubers."The back of the Vid Con packet was mostly sea of white faces — and that just represents a larger issue within the online video world," she said.

"Yeah, there are Asians and African Americans breaking through, but there could be more.

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(He did lots of surgeries and he was one of the best) I never thought to take half of his money because this would just drag on and I knew that Doc was going to wake up and realize that he lost his father and got a divorce in the same month. A kitten just showed up in our yard in Florida one day. Doc’s mother had a black and white dog that passed away.

(Bu Tu’)When I met Doc, I had a cat that my sister gave me.

"For a while I thought it was an act, but she's authentic, and it's crazy.

Her challenges and music covers are my favorite to watch out of all other You Tubers."By Internet standards, Green, 41, is a veteran — much like Cruise — at a time when the likes of Tyler Oakley, a mid-20s vlogger for LBGT rights whose channel has more than 4.6 million subscribers, have popped up.

Green is one of the few You Tube sensations who has sustained a living on her online fame. And it helps out for a little while." During a brief break between panels, Green was being assisted by reps from Facebook who were helping her eliminate fake profiles that drive away numbers from her total."Companies look at numbers," she said.

Revenue comes from ads placed on her videos or from companies that ask to use her videos on their site. She recently scored a deal with shoemaker Crocs, which has made cameos in her videos before."I'm getting paid pretty good," Green said of the deal. "Hopefully, this will drive up my numbers."I've blazed my trail.I'm not Diana, but people know me from the stuff that I've done.And that stuff, those videos, live forever and will continue to be discovered by a new users."Her You Tube fame happened by chance.Green might not be a household name by traditional standards, but barge into a teen's room and his or her computer history may well have evidence of Green's star power.The comic has produced an extensive library of outrageously off-kilter videos of random musings and bizarre challenges, including "My Push Up Bra Will Help Me Get My Man," which arguably put her on the You Tube map, and her infamous "Cinnamon Challenge," wherein she dared to put a ladle full of ground cinnamon in her mouth. Then there are her celebrity impersonations of Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Lady Gaga that have users clicking up a storm.And there should be more." While most You Tube personalities are content living in that world of notoriety, Glo Zell would like to transition to TV or film.

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