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The utilities are largely productivity-enhancing tools, or they compensate for some oversight in the design of . The demos are also used during our Master Classes to demystify technical points, as lab exercises or to answer questions.

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While the main motivation for reentrancy configuration is callbacks, it has its use in with cyclic calling: Service A calling B calling C calling back into A.

Without reentrancy this would mean a deadlock, as shown in the download.

The client provides the priority to the proxy constructor.

When a service needs to update UI, if the service is not using the UI synchronization context, the service must manually marshal the call (which comes in on a worker thread) to the UI thread.

All you have to do is open the host on the UI thread after establishing the Windows Forms synchronization context.

In fact, nothing prevent you from having multiple UI threads, each with its own set of Forms and services, as shown in the download.

by default, the completion callback of an asynchronous WCF call comes in on a thread from the thread pool.

If the callback needs to execute on a particular thread (such as updating the UI with Windows Forms), you must marshal the call.

Note: I believe that D3D9Ex (Vista shared surfaces – e.g. D3D 10 code: I have implemented two sample overlays for Direct3D 9 and 10.

DWM) also uses the DXGI Present but haven’t looked into this in greater detail as the End Scene hook in Direct3D 9 achieves what we are after also. The D3D 9 example displays the frame rate and draws a box with a cross in the middle to identify the region that was captured – this fades after 1sec.

Direct3D 10 and 11 both provide the Resolve Subresource method (Direct3D10. #region Example: Draw Overlay (after screenshot so we don't capture overlay as well) #region Draw fading lines based on last screencapture request if (_last Request Time ! = null) #endregion #region Draw frame rate using (Slim DX.

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