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Her death and his return to America followed, and there was an interval of another two years before the autobiographical chapters were again resumed.It was in January, 1906, that the present writer became associated with Mark Twain as his biographer.

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You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg of Australia License which may be viewed online at contact Project Gutenberg of Australia go to ----------------------------------------------------------------- A Project Gutenberg of Australia e Book Title: Mark Twain's Autobiography - Volume 1 Author: Mark Twain Mark Twain had been a celebrity for a good many years before he could be persuaded to regard himself as anything more than an accident, a news-writer to whom distinction had come as a matter of good fortune rather than as a tribute to genius.

Mark Twain's memory had become capricious and his vivid imagination did not always supply his story with details of crystal accuracy.

But always it was a delightful story, amusing, tragic, or instructive, and it was likely to be one of these things at one instant and another at the next.

These chapters were handwritten, his memory was fresh and eager, and in none of his work is there greater charm.

As he proceeded he did not confine himself to his earlier years, but traveled back and forth, setting down whatever was in his mind at the moment.

Certainly there is something to be said in favor of his plan, and I often thought it the best plan for his kind of autobiography, which was really not autobiography at all, in the meaning generally conveyed by that term, but a series of entertaining stories and opinions--dinner-table talks, in fact, such as he had always delivered in his own home and elsewhere, and with about the same latitude and elaboration.

I do not wish to convey that his narrative is in any sense a mere fairy tale.

Often he did not know until the moment of beginning what was to be his subject for the day; then he was likely to go drifting among his memories in a quite irresponsible fashion, the fashion of table conversation, as he said, the methodless method of the human mind.

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