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Remember to reassure your kids that you will be safe, that you will be home later, that you will always be there when they need you. You can find an array of meetup groups in your area via the Internet.

It's when they're not confident about those basics that they get possessive.

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As Heather explains, “Women need to dedicate time for physical health.

Working out and eating right is essential, because going through a divorce is very stressful, which can be taxing, both physically and emotionally.” Heather encourages divorced women to plan for the future and get strong financially.

As she explains, “As a caveat, when a woman navigates life after divorce, it really is about creating a starting point around these four priorities in her new found identity/chapter, where she is no longer in a relationship.

The goal is to create a fulfilling life for herself – whether she ends up in another relationship or not – where these pillars encompass her life.” Before ending up with her current partner, Heather’s dating experiences ran the gamut of good and bad, and she learned a lot along the way.

Young ones don’t understand dating, so the conversation can get awkward.

I also encourage women to avoid introducing their kids to every person they date.

You have every right in the world to date—as long as you're meeting your children's needs. It's best for children not to be involved in adults' dating life—until there is a serious romance that has a future and it's with someone willing to take the time to get to know the kids.

What kids, especially boys, want to share Mommy with a stranger? You may have to do some juggling to arrange going out at times that do not conflict with your sons' needs. Wrong pops up next, thank him for calling; tell him, kindly, that your schedule is pretty full and that the on-again/off-again thing just isn't working for you.

According to Heather, “It’s great to have interests of your own, and it’s enjoyable to share common interests and experiences outside of dating with friends and potential dates.

Find a new hobby, revisit an old one, and think about places and things you want to discover, then add those interests to your online dating profile.” (See Tip No.

Just as you don't want to get hurt, neither do your kids.

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