Dating issues that concern you

Even if the issue you are raising is a small one, your partner is – in that moment – failing to show that he or she cares about you.And so their reaction to your small concern is revealing a BIG problem.

It could mean a variety of things, but it also indicates that communication is poor between you and the man you’re dating if you want to ask something, but won’t.

The path to a healthy, successful relationship is being able to talk about things, and being able to bring up issues that concern you.

So, it’s essential that you take time to get to know your partner. Pay attention to what they show you about themselves.

If you have a partner who dismisses your feelings about some topic, talk to them about how this affects you. Explain that their response makes you feel hurt, angry, sad or whatever it is that you feel.

There's no security when there is a lacking in communication.” Be honest with him.

“Let him know how you feel about the relationship and ask him where he stands.You must care in the same ways about your partner, and expect the same from your partner.window.webpack Manifest={"0":"store-subscriptions.e27534653f276f375a61-v19.js","1":"en.1f08e67ec9c529058d77-v19.js","2":"space.shortcuts.bbe3e70750002056425b-v19.js","3":"intl.7ca5a342dead740204a0-v19.js","4":"","5":"","6":"","7":"","8":" For example, when you raise a concern about your boyfriend’s overly close friendship with another woman, he is only adding to your worries when he dismissively says, “Stop making something out of nothing.” Or, when you tell your girlfriend that you are uncomfortable with her going out at the end of the day with men from work, she is driving a wedge in your relationship with her reply, “Get over it.” Such dismissive responses send the message that they don’t care about how you feel.Loving someone means trying to really understand them so that you can accept them for who they are and care about person (not the person you imagine them to be).Then, explain that if they try to understand your thoughts and feelings, you will feel much better about them and your relationship.

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