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GRADE INTERPRETATION Evaluation of student achievement in each course is made in relation to the attainment of the specific objectives of a course.

At the beginning of a course, the instructor will distribute a syllabus explaining the objectives and the basis upon which grades are determined.

Math tutoring, support services, and computer-assisted learning are the tools that helped Angel succeed at MCC.

Only final grades are recorded on the student’s permanent record and included in the grade point average (GPA).

For more information on GPA, please see the Academic Advising website.

The college will be phasing out Campus Cruiser at the end of the fall semester.

You’ll be able to register before in-person registration begins. You may register when you want, not just when the enrollment offices are open.

You must include a copy of two of the following documents: • valid driver’s license • property tax bill • voter registration certification • current utility bill or current credit card statement Yes.

You may change your schedule up until classes begin.Each year, hundreds of students from all over the world start their path at MCC.Let us guide you through the special enrollment process for international students.This will take you to the Student Finance view where you may make a payment as shown below.Starting in the Fall of 2017, MCC will be using a new Learning Management System, called Canvas.If you add or drop a class on the web, be sure to print a copy of your updated schedule to verify that your transaction went through correctly.

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