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The following abstract is reprinted in its entirely.

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Over the last decade, an increasing body of evidence has shown an association between vitamin D deficiency and an increased risk for acquiring several infectious diseases, as well as poorer outcomes in vitamin D deficient patients with infections.

This review details recent developments in understanding the role of vitamin D in immunity, the antibacterial actions of vitamin D, the association between vitamin D deficiency and common infections (like sepsis, pneumonia, influenza, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, human immunodeficiency virus type-1 (HIV), and hepatitis C virus (HCV)), potential therapeutic implications for vitamin D replacement, and future research directions." Discussion: All of the test cases in the Onifade Black Seed studies had unusually low level of HIV infection at the onset of using this remedy.

While this article does not provide positive proof that Onifade's test patients spent 8 plus hours a day outdoors and also had adequate serum levels of vitamin D, this article does show that other Nigerians tested were converting sunlight into vitamin D at adequate levels. Pfitzner MA1, Thacher TD, Pettifor JM, Zoakah AI, Lawson JO, Isichei CO, Fischer PR.

[The abstractbelow states that a calcium deficiency, not a vitamin D deficiency, is what contributes to rickets in Nigerian children] Absence of vitamin D deficiency in young Nigerian children. Author information Abstract OBJECTIVE: To determine the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in young Nigerian children residing in an area where nutritional rickets is common.

Here is an excerpt - May 26th from Denis of Croatia - [email protected] friend has been taking black seed honey (made by Onifade's recipe) and his new results are worse than ones from the beginning.

Somewhere about christmass: CD4 1100 and Viral Load about 800 This is the time he stopped with meds and started using nigella powder honey New results from may 26: Cd4 300 and VL 150 000 According to his email, his friend has gone back to using the HIV meds.

Treatment interruptions both test and challenge the immune system simultaneously to defend against germs, viruses and other pathogens.

How many of these Nigerian patients had one or more drug treatment interruptions?

Considering how much closer to the Equator Nigeria is than Europe or the United States, the Nigerian patients daily exposure to sunlight was probably greater than the individual test cases here in the United States and Europe. I located the following article this morning on the status of vitamin D levels in Nigerian children.

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