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The Euro Flow studies resulted in validated and flexible 8-color antibody panels for multidimensional identification and characterization of normal and aberrant cells, optimally suited for immunophenotypic screening and classification of hematological malignancies.

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Immunophenotypic similarities between the suspected cells and their potential normal counterparts allow the assignment of such cells to a given hematopoietic cell lineage and maturational stage, as well as the identification of aberrant phenotypes, such as leukemia-associated immunophenotypes.

Such immunophenotyping requires careful selection of unique combinations of individual markers based on their degree of specificity for the identification of a given cell lineage, maturation stage and aberrant phenotype, as well as the selection of appropriate antibody clones and fluorochrome conjugates to be used in multicolor combinations; the performance of these marker combinations is even more relevant than that of the individual markers.

As the target cell population may not be known in advance or might have been defined previously, a different strategy is required in each situation.

In the former situation, a rapid screening step based on a limited number of antibodies (preferably in a single tube) directed at differential identification of all relevant cell subsets in the sample is generally most efficient (Figure 1).

In this way we could objectively evaluate the overall performance of the proposed panels for answering the specific clinical questions.

Schematic illustration of how reference data files of normal and leukemia/lymphoma cells were built and used for evaluation of antibody panels and software-guided comparison of individual cell populations from a new interrogated sample.

Consequently, such careful selection of reagents is essential for the design of standardized multicolor antibody combinations that provide unique staining patterns for each normal or aberrant cell population in a given sample.

Each marker combination should be designed to answer one or multiple relevant clinical questions, through the identification, enumeration and characterization of the relevant cell populations in a sample.

Each individual large and small circle represents median values for single immunophenotypic parameters of the plasma cell populations shown in dot plot diagrams and the median fluorescence expression value for all immunophenotypic parameters measured in the principal component (PC)1 versus PC2 plots for individual samples, respectively; contour lines in these plots represent s.d.

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