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As the four unwelcome guests are ushered out of the conference room to wait for an Uber to pick them up, one of the two women says off-camera: ‘I'm so glad I'm white. ’‘No, I can’t imagine,’ the other woman in the group replies.

After the bodycam footage was made public on Tuesday, Morgan released a statement to Orlando Sentinel saying, in part: ‘the video released today shows that while we were all caught up in the tension of the moment, I was not out of control or highly impaired.

A newly released body camera video shows the moment Team USA soccer star Alex Morgan was ejected by police from Walt Disney World, along with two MLS players and another friend, after getting into an argument at a bar.

In the recording made by an Orange County Sheriff's deputy, the soccer players try to convince officials that they were not drunk and did not use foul language, and at one point, one of the women in the group expresses relief that she is white, not black.

Sheridan, a Sub-Collector of Customs in receipt of a salary of 500 per annum, was also the Harbour Master, Gold Receiver, Inspector of Distilleries, Health Officer, Cotton Inspector and Shipping Inspector, and was also appointed without additional salary.

The Customs and Harbour Department boats' crews at Maryborough performed the duties of Water Police Constables.

I used bad judgment and I was simply trying to support my friends.’ Last week, Morgan expressed remorse for her conduct at Disney World in a tweet that read: 'I want to apologize for my actions that occurred over the weekend.

I will learn from this make sure it does not happen again.

When the group of friends are asked to hand over their identification cards so that paperwork could be filled out banning them from Walt Disney World, Donny Toia snaps at the officer, telling him: 'Can I get it out? Damn, dude.'Morgan is seen in the video talking on the phone with someone through most of the interview. The interview with the officers concludes with the four friends signing paperwork banning them from all Disney properties, but a defiant Morgan reassures her friends that the sanction against them will prove short-lived.'That's fine.

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