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The largest Assemblies of God congregation in Minnesota with close to 5,000 people, River Valley recently opened its sixth Twin Cities area campus, located near the Vikings headquarters in Eden Prairie, where Ingram and her fiancé worship on Sundays."It's very emotional for us," said Ingram, 23, who grew up attending traditional Lutheran services but now prefers the charismatic style at River Valley."Especially the first couple of weeks we were here, I wasn't used to it. The teachings just touch you."River Valley sits at the epicenter of growth in evangelical Protestant groups while the larger Catholic, Lutheran and other mainline Protestant populations slide.There was a lot of partying going on, and tons of premarital sex, as well as gay and lesbian congregants.

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Btw, for those of you who remember Pastor Davey- Hillsong is part of his group.

Well, in that case, R22, let me get my ass to church in a jiffy, so that I can repent!!! If you ever attended these crap fest services, you know VERY well that I am NOT lying, asshole.

I'm sure plenty of them believe in what they're doing, and believe that they're making a difference in the lives of others. The only reason that they've stopped the gay conversion shit is so that people who are terrified of being outed will attend and empty out their pockets on a regular basis. They're mostly a bunch of grifters, followed by a buche of brainwashed, insecure people who do not have the balls to navigate their own lives free of guilt, shame, and remorse.

However, certain "churches" in this sect of Christianity are rolling in the dough. Not that we as a society shouldn't harbor these feelings when appropriate.

The AG has a disportionate number of the biggest and fastest growing churches and megachurches in America today.

It's Hillsong worship music is used widespread in Christianity today and integral to millennial Christianity.

Justin has been going to Assemblies of God churches for years, including to Hillsong Conferences in AUstralia.

He has beeen very vocal about his faith in and love for Christ Jesus since he was a teenager I VERY briefly dated a man who went to this church.

All the rest are heterosexuals who need someone else to tell them how to live on a weekly basis.

Finally, many go out of sheer loneliness, and I completely understand that motive.

I never understood why my friend and others kept attending, since they were always smoking weed, drinking, and screwing around with multiple partners.

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