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So the repressive regime picks 100 expendable juvenile delinquents to send down to Earth to see if the planet is still habitable.

She was supposed to die since the actress had another show going on it was inevitable.

So either stop watching which I find absurd since everyone started watching the show before Lexa even appeared or continue watching but stop hating on Jason.

Oh how right i was - well, for the first season at least. I'd like to add that there is an account that writes not so nice comments but continually watches the show. Good show, but the characters doesn't make any sense.

Most of the occurrences in the plot and scenery just did not make sense and the plot holes were just too annoying; but i kept watching for some reason. If you were born and raised on a space station with strict rules and a deep feeling of responsibility and a role in your comunity, even if you're a criminal toy're not so stupid like they are.

This show is not just for young adults, sure it has romance and all the post-apocalyptic sh*t witch is awesome. A great series and if you like sci-fi and drama this is definitely worth giving a shot, but if you like a series that get new episodes frequently you might want to look another place.

But it lines up so incredibely hard questions to answer and decisions to make, this show questions every single bit of humanity and it's boundaries. It truly makes a person wonder about serious questions from different point of view! but its really catching and the story is great This show is just ................. keeps on getting better and better,,,,,,,,,,,, I Watch it without sleeping and eating for 2 days and 1 night now...... What I like about it is how the teens on Earth are still teens.

With all the hormones coursing through their young bodies, it's even worse. That being said, it wasn't slow enough to make me not watch the second episode, or the one after that. It has an allure, the concept is what makes it interesting.

I can poke holes in every well liked show, as i'm sure many others can.

I also plan to finish learning this plot (even though it has more holes than swiss cheese) because it is difficult to just drop a story just like that. " yeah, the actors aren't professional and famous and the budget isn't that big but everyone start somewhere.

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