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Being courageous enough to lean into a messy situation can start to make a student victim feel they are not alone.

One conversation will not “fix” the problem but it can be a catalyst for healing.

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There are countless resources now available to public that will equip them to educate not only themselves, but also the youth they come in contact with. In a 2015 study, the majority of teen dating violence victims told no one about the abuse—fewer than 22% told a friend, and only 5% told an adult.

Knowledge is power and power can end this horrible cycle of violence. The reasons that adolescents are hesitant to tell adults are varied.

Abusers do this because it gives them authority and power over the other person.

“Abusers may feel insecure or uncertain about themselves or their lives.

They often fear nobody will believe them or that they will be blamed for the problem.

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