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This also applies to the matching Supply Update message.Three years prior notice of this sunsetting of support was given by EDIt EUR and the ONIX International Steering Committee, and all users are strongly advised to migrate to ONIX 3.0 which will remain fully supported for the foreseeable future.

For products or product bundles supplied shrink-wrapped for retail sale, use the Product Form code of the contents plus code 21 from List 80.

For products or product bundles supplied boxed for retail sale, use the Product Form code of the contents plus code 09 from List 80. For example, printed children’s books are “”, but the periods are normally ommited in ONIX.

Use when sending an instruction to delete a record which was previously issued.

Note that a Delete instruction should NOT be used when a product is cancelled, put out of print, or otherwise withdrawn from sale: this should be handled as a change of Publishing status, leaving the receiver to decide whether to retain or delete the record.

A book whose novelty consists wholly or partly in a format which cannot be described by any other available code – a ‘conventional’ format code is always to be preferred; one or more Product Form Detail codes, eg from the B2nn group, should be used whenever possible to provide additional description.

Digital product license delivered through the retail supply chain as a physical “key”, typically a card or booklet containing a code enabling the purchaser to download or activate the associated product.

Begins ‘10.978.’ or ‘10.979.’ and includes a / character between the registrant element (publisher prefix) and publication element of the ISBN, eg 10.978.000/1234567.

Note the ISBN-A should always be accompanied by the ISBN itself, using codes 03 and/or 15.

A Delete instruction is only used when there is a particular reason to withdraw a record completely, eg because it was issued in error.

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